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I’m Dale Charles, owner of Auto Tech Lancaster.

Ever since I was a boy on the farm, I’ve been interested in all things mechanical. First it was tractors and lawnmowers, then cars and trucks.


I started out by fixing vehicles for friends and neighbors in Lancaster County and, later, New York City. When I opened my first full time auto repair business in Brooklyn, NY in 1994, it was a dream come true. At the time, we serviced vehicles from all over the greater New York metropolitan area. While we performed auto repair work on every make and model of vehicle, our specialty was the classic Sterling brand cars.


13 years later, when I relocated with my family to Lancaster County, I continued auto repair part-time. In addition, I also operated a large vegetable farm and provided fresh produce in Harrisburg and surrounding areas.


While I enjoyed farming, my true passion is working as an auto mechanic. At Auto Tech Lancaster, I’m excited to be doing full time auto repair work again. Together with a dedicated team of quality technicians, I look forward to providing the greater Lancaster area with an exceptional auto repair and car service experience!


In the near future, I’ll be introducing the rest of our team as well!


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any car related questions! You can reach me at (717) 367-8324. I look forward to hearing from you!



Dale Charles