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The state of Pennsylvania requires all registered vehicles to undergo an annual safety inspection to certify that they are in good working order and do not pose any imminent safety dangers. In addition, most vehicles in South-Central PA are required to have an annual emissions inspection to make sure they are releasing excessive smog and pollution into the air.

At Auto Tech Lancaster, we’re licensed to perform both safety and emissions inspections. Following are of some of the things we test and check during your vehicle’s inspection.


PA Safety Inspection

During a safety inspection we go over your vehicle to make sure it is in a condition to be operated safefly for another year. Some of the things we check include:

Driver and vehicle information

First things first! We make sure all insurance and registration paperwork is in order before proceeding with the rest of the inspection.



We’ll inspect your windshield wipers to make sure they’re working alright. Next, we check the windshield, windows, mirrors, and headlight/taillight assemblies for cracks and chips and make sure all your vehicle’s lights are functioning properly. The body will also get a checkover for rust and holes or other excessive damage that could comprise your safety.


Chassis and suspension

We’ll take a peek at the vehicle frame to make sure it’s structurally sound. We’re also going to check the axles, struts, and shocks for any leaking or excessive wear. The rest of the suspension system will be inspected for any loose or worn parts that could compromise the safe handling of your vehicle.



Tires and brake system

Your vehicle’s tires must have at least 2/32 in. of tread left to pass inspection. Brake pads are also required to have 2/32 in. of material left to pass. We will also look over your brake pads, brake fluid lines and other braking components. Each of these items is crucial for safe handling and braking.




Finally, we’ll look over the interior of the car to ensure seatbelts and horn are fully functional. We’ll also keep our eyes open for any safety related dash lights that are on.


PA Emissions Inspection

During an emissions inspection, we verify that your vehicle’s engine and exhaust system are working correctly, that your “check engine” light is not on, and that no excessive pollution is being emitted from your tailpipe. In Lancaster County, emissions inspections are limited to a visual and on-board diagnostic (OBD) test.


  • If your vehicle does not have an OBD system, we’ll just give it a visual look over.


  • For vehicles equipped with an OBD system, in addition to the visual inspection, we’ll connect a diagnostic scanner to the vehicle computer system. With the diagnostic scanner, we’ll make sure that the engine and related systems are all functioning properly and performing as intended.


Once your vehicle passes both these inspections, we’ll install your two windshield stickers and you’ll be ready to go for another year. Contact us today to schedule your annual inspection!