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We’re firm believers in the old adage that it’s better to do a job right the first time. That’s why our goal is to only replace parts or provide auto repair services that your vehicle actually needs. That way, you save money and we save time. It’s a win-win!


What diagnostic services do we offer?

Consultation and test drive

Our first priority is to hear about your own experiences with your vehicle. “What noise was it making? When did you first notice that sound? Is it worse in cold weather?” In addition to asking questions, we like to take vehicles for a short spin to observe the problem for ourselves.


By listening carefully to your description of any issues with your vehicle and experiencing it first-hand, we’re able to immediately gain insight into potential causes and hopefully save time when we start the testing process.


On-board diagnostic (OBD) scan

Most vehicles, including all vehicles sold in the US since 1996, are equipped with an on-board diagnostic system. This is comprised of sensors in individual vehicles systems, like the fuel or exhaust systems, and a central computer.


When something malfunctions in one of the vehicle systems, the central computer will read the incoming sensor data and create a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) that contains helpful information about the malfunction.


By connecting our professional scanning equipment to your car’s central computer, we are able to access the information contained in the DTCs. By analyzing this data, we are often able to identify your vehicle’s specific problem, or at least come much closer to discovering the root cause.


Specific system testing

Sometimes, the information afforded by the OBD scan gets us close to the cause of a problem without giving us 100% confidence in our diagnosis. In cases like this, we are often able to test specific systems or parts on your vehicle, either electronically or manually.


In-depth and specific testing helps us identify problems with certainty. We want to make sure we understand what is wrong with your vehicle before we recommend any expensive new parts or auto repair services.