Life’s big question: “Does it drive?”

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Is your car not starting? Are you losing engine power when you press the gas or the brakes? You’re not alone! Our technicians have repaired hundreds of vehicles with drivability problems like these and we can provide the service your vehicle needs to get back on the road!


What is “drivability?”

Drivability is a word that is used generally to describe a vehicle’s “ability to drive.” There are a number of conditions that are classified as drivability issues. Some of these include:


No Crank

This is when you turn your vehicle’s key and absolutely nothing happens. This is what auto mechanics call “no crank” problem. A dead battery is a common cause of this. Other possible causes include a faulty starter, ignition switch, or, occasionally, a seized engine.


Cranks/No Start

A “crank/no start” situation is when the engine turns over (cranks), but will not start. There are several systems that work together to allow your vehicle to start, including the fuel system and ignition system, among others. A failure in any one of these systems can prevent your vehicle from starting.


Starts and dies

This refers to a vehicle which starts, but won’t stay running. Something as simple as contaminated fuel can cause this. However, the problem can be much more complex, possibly involving a weak fuel pump, vacuum leaks, or a bad ignition switch.


Cold start/run

If your vehicle starts and runs when it’s warm, but struggles to stay running in colder temperatures, you’re experiencing what auto mechanics refer to as a “cold start/run” problem. A vacuum leak in your engine or a fuel injection issue are possible culprits.


Hot start/run

The opposite of the previous problem, “hot start/run” situations occur when a vehicle starts and runs, but dies when the engine reaches operating temperature. There are numerous possible causes, like a failed sensor in the fuel injection system or a relay in the computer system overheating.


Hesitating/dying on acceleration

This problem refers to situations where your vehicle loses power or shuts off when you press the gas pedal. A weak fuel pump or ignition coil can be a cause, as well as a partially blocked catalytic converter or a problem with the EGR system.


Dying on deceleration

If your vehicle shuts off while slowing down or stopping, you might have a worn idle air control motor or throttle position sensor. A dirty throttle body could also trigger this condition.


Obviously, there are numerous systems involved in keeping your vehicle fully operational and a failure in any one of these can affect drivability. We believe it’s always best to test a vehicle and determine the root cause of an issue before recommending any repairs.

If your car is experiencing any of the problems listed above or something not mentioned here, give us a call! Let’s get you back on the road ASAP!